Singaporean Skies - Debashis Talukdar

In 2016, an opportunity with my employer came up that required me to relocate to Singapore.

This is the fifth time that I have had to relocate continents. I didn't miss Melbourne - the city - that much... but I did miss my friends and social circle. It does not get any easier, and with time and age, it becomes more and more difficult to form the sort of meaningful connections that used to be so easy to forge when one was six years old.

I'd been fortunate enough to have found an apartment that is on the 23rd floor of a Singapore high-rise and looks towards the city.

During the settling-in phase, at the end of a long day, I would curl up on my couch and watch the weather move in and out. Singapore has some pretty impressive thunderstorms and lightning which creep up when you're expecting them the least. This short film was made from over 5,000 individually shot frames, all from the comfort of my apartment.

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