About Me - Debashis Talukdar

About Me

If you’re reading this far, you’re either curious, or a stalker, or a bit of both. I’m a remnant of the latter part of generation X, born in India and brought up in the United Kingdom.

I come from a middle-class Indian family who mean the world to me. I moved around a bit with my parents, and then moved around a bit more as an adult, spending time in Saudi Arabia, the United States Asia, and Australia.

While I am officially Australian, I’m a product of my environment – just like everyone else. Professionally, I’m an Engineer who has made his way into the business world. On a personal level, I enjoy travelling, taking photographs, making short films, making the most of the outdoors when there is good weather, and playing the piano (in no specific order).

I’m somewhat introverted, generally confident, very inquisitive, and mostly reserved. Whether it is people, or a topic of interest, I am more about the depth of what is at hand, rather than the breadth. I prefer socialising in small groups where I can interact and connect more deeply with individuals, rather than superficially with large groups.

This website is where I publish my photographic and cinematographic work. I have a limited social media presence, though I do publish some  content on Vimeo, YouTube, and 500px.

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